About MOMS Club®

MOMS Club® stands for "Moms Offering Moms Support"®. We are an international, non-profit organization specifically for mothers. Nationally there are over 2,000 chapters with more than 100,000 members across the United States. To find a chapter nearest you, contact MOMS Club International.

MOMS Club of Cedar Park | Cedar Park, Texas | The Big Preschool Roundup

MOMS Club® of Cedar Park


Our chapter was founded in 2002 and helps bring together moms who live in Cedar Park for a variety of events each month. Events can include things as simple as getting together at someone's house, a park, private tours of area attractions, playgroups (arranged by children's ages), and so much more! Our members also enjoy several guest speakers throughout the year. Since we are a non-profit organization, we work on quite a few service projects during the year to help our community. The BIG Preschool Roundup is our biggest service project of the year. The 2017 proceeds from The BIG Preschool Roundup was $1,360 that was donated to Hope Alliance.

~Making our Donation to Hope Alliance~

10 Reasons to Join MOMS Club of Cedar Park


1.) We're a Non-Profit Organization

2.) Membership Dues are Only $25/year

3.) Guest Speakers

4.) Lasting Friendships

5.) Community Service Projects

6.) MOMS Night Out

7.) Playgroups & Playdates

8.) Book Club, Cooking Club, Fitness Club

9.) Holiday Parties

10.) KAMP - Kids Away MOMS Play

Contact Us

MOMS Club® of Cedar Park

Melanie Galloway

Event Organizer 

Jenny Guttormson

Event Co-Organizer

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Disclaimer: While MOMS Club® of Cedar Park is selective about our event participants for The BIG Preschool Roundup, we are not endorsing or recommending these programs or businesses over others available in our community. We encourage families to find the best programs or services for their children that fit with their own individual family needs.


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